Goyoga introduction in english

Warm welcome to GoYoga!


We offer yoga, juice and SUP (stand-up paddelboard) to individuals, groups, events and companies. Yoga classes, workshops, retreats, inspirational lectures, detox and cleansing in collaboration with naturapath and lifestyle coach.


The holistic view means that all parts of the body interact to a whole - the body, the soul, the thoughts and the feelings. The word holistic comes from the Greece word holos and means that reality can not be reduced to the characteristics of the smaller units that build the whole. The holistic view sees the whole of the human being - the body, the soul, the thoughts and the feelings. It is all connected and it is all one!


At GoYoga, you will learn the basics and have the opportunity to advance and deepen your yoga knowledge. The subject yoga is infinitely large. The meaning of the word ashtanga, in sanscript, ancient Indian language, means eight limbs. The eight limbs  path represents the yoga philosophy. Knowledge and application of the eight limbs is a prerequisite for success in yoga as a whole. Yoga is a methodical system written down over five thousand years ago. It was created to eliminate physical, mental and emotional suffering.


You are welcome to experience your very first yoga class at any time, simply choose the day and time in the calender and click (book here). No matter where you are physically, mentally and emotionally, yoga is for everyone, and a great complement to every aspect of life! 


Senior Yoga, how can you become more vital and actually rejuvenate yourself? It is now the golden years begin. With the help of yoga and proper nutritional intake, you can recharge your body's flow and become more energetic! GoYoga collaborates with a lifestyle coach for seniors.


Summertime GoYoga offers SUP (stand-up paddleboard) in scenic Öregrund & Östhammar. Experience the world's fastest growing water sport. Teacher-led paddle tours and yoga classes. Rent a SUP after you have undergone a SUP introduction.


Are you ready for a magical SUP experience in Öregrund and Östhammar? SUP (stand up paddleboard) is a development of traditional surfing, originating from Hawaii. Comfortably experience stillness in the beautiful most northern part of Roslagen's archipelago. Just by being on a SUP generates calm. Experience your very first yoga class on a SUP. SUP yoga takes your yoga practice to a whole new level.

Make sure to bring your own life jacket, sunglasses, cap and a water bottle. Being on the water the body is quickly dehydrated. A saftey leash connectes the SUP to your ankle.


Anna K. Göransson, our Master Class Yoga teacher, is from Stockholm and has lived many years in California where she started her yoga education at the well-known YogaWorks. Twenty years later, she landed in the former health and spa resort Öregrund. Her goal is to regenerate the health and spa traditions in the northern part of Roslagen, and to create a new, modern health content open year round.


Anna teaches hatha yoga, and mixes different styles of yoga, each class is unique. Anna is also a certified therapeutic yoga teacher through Urban Om in Stockholm. 

She combines her knowledge of YogaWorks professional yoga teacher training with her therapeutic training. She teaches and engages in a more individualized and deeper level. Anna prefers a varying pace, both calm and strong yoga where she can use her charismatic energy and educational teaching methods.



YogaWorks, California and Urban Om, Stockholm Sweden.

Summer June 2016 Yoga Alliance SUP Yoga Teacher Training - 25 RYT Surf Bus, Stockholm, Sofie Ringsten RYT, Registered Yoga Teacher, Yoga Alliance.org.

Fall of  2012 to March 2014 - 18 months Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training - 300 RYT - Urban OM, Stockholm Neo Moreton, Dr. Timothy McCall, Ulrica Norberg, Jeanne Heileman, Deb Neubauer, and others.

Fall 2009 to Spring 2010 - Professional Yoga Teacher Training - 300 RYT - Six months with mentor Erika Burkhalter.

2007 - Mommy & Baby Yoga - 8 months with son Anders,  - Lesley Fightmaster and Sarah Tyler

Fall 2006 - Prenatal Yoga - 3 months - Linda Trumpfheller

Summer 2006 - The Roots of Yoga - 100 RYT - Dr. John T. Casey, Jeanne Heileman, Juris Zinberg

Spring 2005 - Teacher Training - 200 RYT - James Brown and Catherine Munro


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